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Upcoming Events & Presentations

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WSP in the news:
Empty Skies (20 April 2021) -- WCC short film (embedded above)
Issues Of The Environment: Washtenaw Safe Passage Raises Awareness About Window Danger To Birds (23 Oct 2019) -- WEMU
Hundreds of millions of birds die in collisions with building windows each year in the US (5 Jun 2019) -- Michigan Radio, Environment Report
The Fight For Flight (Fall 2018) -- regional bird conservation documentary!
OneWildLife: Washtenaw Audubon Safe Passage (27 Mar. 2018)
Climate change, the over-bright night and glass windows: Threats to birds (16 Feb. 2018)
Awareness Through Art: Bird Collisions and Safe Passage (aired 5 January 2018)
Bird strikes take heavy toll (4 Mar. 2017)
The Green Room: Birds, Glass and Cats-Preventable Impacts (aired 28 April 2017)

Past WSP Presentations/Media:
16 February 2020 - Window Pain: Helping Birds Survive in a Human World - Seven Ponds Nature Center, Dryden, MI
20 November 2019 - Window Pain: Helping Birds Survive in a Human World - Iowa State University, Ames, IA  
31 Oct 2019 - Glass Collisions: A Leading Cause of Bird Mortality, Ann Arbor, MI
10 Sept 2019 - Window Pain: Helping Birds Survive in a Human World, Jackson, MI
2 Aug 2019 - Summary of Neotropical Migrants Impacted by Low-rise Non-residential Buildings in SE Michigan, San Jose, Costa Rica
18 July 2019 - Window Pain: Helping Birds Survive in a Human World, Seattle, WA
16 Jan. 2019 - Ann Arbor Elderwise, Ypsilanti, MI

13 Aug. 2018 - Michigan Audubon, Okemos, MI
7 Apr. 2018 - Spring "Flyaway" Dinner at Bird Center of Washtenaw, Ann Arbor, MI
20 Jan. 2018 - Lets Talk: Biology (panel) - ConFusion, Novi, MI
5 Feb. 2018 - SE MI update, Ohio Bird Conservation Initiative Meeting, Powell, OH
9 Nov. 2017 - Preliminary Assessment of Bird Strikes at Windows in Eastern Washtenaw County, MI - State of the Straits Conference
20 Oct. 2017 - Presque Isle State Park - Safe Passage 
16 Oct. 2017 -  ScicommMonday - Bird Strikes at Windows (Audio & Video!)
19 Sept. 2017 Wild Birds Unlimited Ann Arbor - Bird Safe Backyards & Buildings
29 Apr. 2017 - Penguicon - Dead Birds for Science! 
29 Apr. 2017 - Penguicon - Science as leisure (panel)
8 Apr. 2017 - Safe Passage (during NABB 2017) at Powdermill Research Center (Rector, PA)
6 Apr. 2017 - Safe Passage  (scroll to end for April) at Belle Isle Nature Center / Detroit Audubon
15 Mar. 2017 - Dead Birds (...for Science!) / Matthaei Botanical Gardens / Washtenaw Audubon
7 Dec, 2016 - Designing a Better Future for Birds / University of Michigan Urban Planning

Friday, November 1, 2019


Our goal:
Substantially reduce bird strikes and mortality at windows in Washtenaw County and beyond.

Contact us: WashtenawSafePassage@gmail.com

Like us on Facebook: Washtenaw Safe Passage

Some of our monitoring sites:
Eastern Michigan University
University of Michigan
Washtenaw Community College

How can I help? 
There are many things you can do to make your windows more bird-friendly! Check the "Resources/Links" page on the sidebar for tips on how best to reduce bird/window strikes at your home or work.

INJURED BIRDS should be taken to a rehabber IMMEDIATELY: 
click here and scroll down to find the most suitable wildlife rehabilitator in your area, or download the ANIMAL HELP NOW app and follow directions

There are dead birds at my building. What can I do?

Drop us a note: WashtenawSafePassage@gmail.com
Volunteers are always appreciated! Checking a problem building 2-3 times per week (April  through October) can help establish baseline data and allow us to work towards finding bird safe solutions for problem windows. We can provide bags and coordinate transportation of specimens to the University of Michigan collection. 

Products & References:
Full list of products & information: birdsmartglass.org
ABC Bird Tape -- abcbirdtape.org
Acopian Bird Savers -- birdsavers.com
CollidEscape -- collidescape.org
Feather Friendly -- http://www.conveniencegroup.com/featherfriendly/feather-friendly
101 Ways to Help Birds -- Laura Erickson -- http://www.lauraerickson.com/book/101-ways-to-help-birds/ )
FLAP Canada -- birdsafe.ca


Top left:
Bay-breasted Warbler, Nashville Warbler, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Tennessee Warbler, Tennessee Warbler.

Front row:
Swainson's Thrush, American Robin. Black-throated Green Warbler.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fall 2016 Data

EDIT: 2016 Fall Summary for Ypsilanti is below.

2016 Fall data, raw:

Ypsilanti District Library:

For Fall 2015-Fall 2016 data in one doc, click here.

14A-2 District Courthouse in Ypsilanti:

Eastern Michigan University: