Sunday, January 27, 2019


Our goal:
Substantially reduce bird strikes and mortality at windows in Washtenaw County and beyond.

Some of our monitoring projects:
Eastern Michigan University
University of Michigan
Washtenaw Community College

How can I help? 
There are many things you can do to make your windows more bird-friendly! Check the "Resources/Links" page on the sidebar for tips on how best to reduce bird/window strikes at your home or work.

INJURED BIRDS should be taken to a rehabber IMMEDIATELY: 
click here and scroll down to find the most suitable wildlife rehabilitator in your area

There are dead birds at my building. What can I do?
Drop us a note:
Volunteers are always appreciated! Checking a problem building 2-3 times per week (March through November) can help establish baseline data and allow us to work towards finding bird safe solutions for problem windows.

Products & References:
ABC Bird Tape --
Acopian Bird Savers --
CollidEscape --
Feather Friendly --
101 Ways We Can Help Birds -- Laura Erickson -- )
Bird Watching Daily / Products --

Contact us:
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Top left:
Bay-breasted Warbler, Nashville Warbler, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Tennessee Warbler, Tennessee Warbler.

Front row:
Swainson's Thrush, American Robin. Black-throated Green Warbler.

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